Wire color music lantern controller

Circuit wire two-color music lantern controller is shown in Figure 1-44 below. a, b terminals at both ends of the speaker according to the speaker, the speaker from the sound o

f the audio signal by the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer RP and current limiting resistor R is applied to both ends of the color light emitting diodes LED to flash with the rhythm of the music. LED and photoresistor RG group into simple optocouplers, so RG resistance with the LED will light off level of change. When the music sound weak or interrupted when, RG showed a high resistance, the triac trigger voltage vs non-blocking state is due wattage lights on much larger than the group Hl set wattage H2, so most 220V AC voltage landing in H2 ends, so H2 glows green when close to normal, and Hl only a faint red light; when the loud music Shi, LED light. RG showed low resistance, vs AC trigger signal is obtained and opened, then H2 was vs short circuit does not emit light, Hl is normal hair red. So with the rhythm of the music and downs, Hl, H2 two lights alternately emit light and shade of red, green, two shade.

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