High-quality preamplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure 3-10. This is a multi-function input with a preamplifier, including the tuner input, a magnetic tape playback input, magnetic phono input and phono equa

High-quality preamplifier
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lizer input functions. Input amplifier consists of a whole integrated dual op amp LT1057 input as a zoom function, where 1/21C dedicated phono input equalization circuit for the electromagnetic, and the remaining 1/21C for multi-function input selection switch circuit o SAt used to select different inputs, including equalized amplifying input record into. What the carp are used to select the tape playback and recording monitor. LT1057 dual op amp input stage of high-speed precision op amp by a JFET as difference, its conversion rate of 13V /, ls, input noise voltage 2.lpLVn, o can be LT1058, LT1037, LT1028, can also be used NE5532 etc.

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