An attenuated tone control circuit diagram

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

This article is an attenuated tone control circuit diagram. This circuit is mainly composed of transistors and RC networks are network components. As shown

An attenuated tone control circuit diagram
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below, since the C4, R shunt effect, the high-frequency component is very attenuated relative to enhance the bass. When the sliding contact potentiometer located at the lower end, C is short-circuited, the audio signal Q, R5, C3, VTz horses to the base, and C since the Q series, due to the smaller capacity of C3, the larger of the bass signal exhibits capacitance, bass difficult to pass, so the bass is attenuated, so RP2 bass played a role in the control. Foundation designed treble control potentiometer, when the foundation designed sliding contact potentiometer located at the upper end, the audio signal is sent to Pakistan and c5 series VT2 base. Since / C5 capacity is small, the capacitance of the great bass, bass is not passed, while the treble can be passed. But also because after RP3 and C6 series impedance is large, bypassing much of the treble, so relatively enhance the treble. When the puzzle, sliding potentiometer point located at the lower end, treble attenuation due by RP3 and C6 bypass weakened, so that the treble was attenuated.

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