Electronic potentiometer schematic

Posted on Jul 8, 2012

Electronic potentiometer using a standard CMOS logic and analog multiplexers. Pot have low distortion (0.005% less at 1 V rms) and is it easy for beginers to Understanding. In the beginning the art Hi-Fi when in the absence of high-quality potentiometers for volume control using resistive divider, the various stages of the change lever mnohapolohovým switch. Figure 1 is the electronic equivalent of such a volume control. Instead I used a mechanical switch CMOS analog multiplexers. EN signal is collected by either a multiplexer, and so we have 16 steps.

Electronic potentiometer schematic
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Electronic potentiometer schematic - image 1
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It might seem preferable to use instead of the two circuits 4051 a 16-channel multiplexer 4067, but that I was at the time of the potentiometer (around 1988) is unavailable. Even today, the two circuits 4051 are substantially cheaper than a 4067th The resistive divider is calculated so that the steps between levels are about 4 dB. Member highlights C2R4 C1R3 height and a member of the bass at low volumes - implements the so-called physiological regulation. Follower operational amplifier provides high input impedance potentiometer divider of the excitation source with a defined impedance. Load resistance of the potentiometer should be at least 100 Ohm. Originally, the potentiometer control microcontroller 8748th The IC is now obsolete and does not make sense for him to specify the program. More experienced designers can program a PIC or Atmel. For those who do not have to program a positive relationship is shown in Figure 2 control potentiometer circuit of ordinary logic IC. Circuit 4516 is a bidirectional binary counter. When you press each button to generate a clock pulse when pressing "Down" in addition to the small time changes counting direction. AND gate controlled by signal transmission (CYO) zablohuje counting on reaching a maximum, respectively. lows. Counter overflow and, therefore, begins to count again. AND gate can be replaced by two NAND gates as shown. Last open gate circuit 4093 can serve as an inverter for...

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