LM1877 amplifier having a control circuit diagram of the bass

Bass player with a stereo control as shown by LM1877 amplifier circuit configured. Cermet stereo microphone pickup stereo turntable on the left and right channel audio signals

through two 1M potentiometer input, respectively, by two 0.1 F capacitive coupling is applied to the input of LM1877 6,9 feet, amplified by two, 13 feet respectively output, respectively, to the left and right channel speaker. Among them, two 1M potentiometer for the volume potentiometer, two potentiometers linkage for adjusting the volume. 1 and connected to two feet 1M resistor is used to set the amplifier operating point of DC bias, and coupling capacitors and 0.1 F input high-pass filter. Connected in a feedback loop between the amplifier 2 feet and 7 feet 100k potentiometer (Similarly, connected between the amplifier 13 feet and 8 feet feedback loop 100k potentiometer) for the bass control potentiometer. Respectively, of the left and right channel loudspeaker parallel 2.7 resistor, 0.1 F capacitor for filtering high frequency noise.

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