Posted on Sep 29, 2012

PT2350 is a tone control subwoofer cross-over low pass filter chip utilizing CMOS Technology. It features a tone control range of + 10dB (50Hz, 4 KHz) and subwoofer low pass filter of the second order Sallen Key Design. The roll-off point can be adjusted by changing the value of the external capacitor. Pin assignments and application circuits are optimized for easy PCB Layout and cost saving advantages.

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2-Channel Input 3-Channel Output (Including 1 stereo Output and Subwoofer Output) Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD<0.01%, Subwoofer THD<0.2%) High S/N Ratio (S/N Ratio <-87dB, A-weighting) Least External Components Adjustment of Frequency response by changing the value of the external component Single Power Supply: 3 to 8.5 Volts Available in 20 pins, DIP or SO Package if you make one stereo input device you need 5 pcs of RCA female as listed in parts list If you make 2 x 6 input device, you need total quantity of 15 pcs RCA female and also 2 x 6 changeover switch. Code of J2 to J18 RCA female to PCB, straight, Hosiden, any colour SW1 2 x 6 changeover High quality DIP rotary switch to PCB 2 x 6, Alcos witch DRS 2-6, 3.2mm saft Frequency response of tone control unit is flat between 20 Hz 20 kHz when treble and bass pots are in middle. Overall gain is approx. 6 dB when treble and bass pots are in middle. Treble and bass tone control range is approx. 10 dB (50Hz / 4 kHz) with given component values. Subwoofer cut off frequency can be adjusted by bass potentiometer with component values as listed above it is as follows : bass pot in minimum (left) -3dB point, 240 Hz / -12dB 450 Hz, bass pot (middle) -3dB point 100 Hz /-12dB 200 Hz, bass pot maximum (right) -3dB point 60 Hz / -12dB 120 Hz. Distortion was < 0.1 % when input level was < 0.3V rms. There is no balance adjustment potentiometer in this...

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