8W + 8W tube amplifier circuit

Preamplifier VE1 the machine with low muscle low R double triode 6N6 (left and right audio channels each with its half). Working state design in the CPI. Promote
8W + 8W tube amplifier circuit - schematic

the use of high-level VE2 households, low R-made tubes EN11J, electric low distortion all the way in the form of consensus and wide SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push groan ull) 6 final amplifier circuit VE3 taken directly from the tube anode power supply AC 220V City grid. Electricity through VD3 ~ VD6 bridge rectifier, C 6 C7 filtered after wave t to obtain + 270v voltage power pole tube 6P3P screen, screen grid power; + 270V fork by VT VD11. VDZ produce the adjusted regulated + 250V power supply is pre-VE1 anode feed; + 2sov then by R 7, c 5 secondary filter is formed + 200v voltage SRPP circuits. This can be taken directly electrically Tsui simplify the power supply transformer TP TP t to reduce size, weight and production cost Zhuo very useful because there is no single-ended amplifier CMRR (common mode rejection) effect, and therefore the power supply requirements are relatively harsh. therefore. Anode power supply with dual capacitor filter; in addition t after all filament current supply by q wherein front and push through IC (VA78H06) Regulators fed A filament; another group AC 12V, 2A winding through rectifier bridge VD ~ VD14 , C14 ~ C16 filter in X, Y terminals generate about 1 2.4V voltage two-channel amplifier tube filament power supply port power transformer TP using the "voice of the" finished product (5; OVA ~ 12vx 21220V)

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