A tube amplifier 01 HI-FI

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As a result of high quality materials and advanced technology, the machine output transformer frequency response can reach 10Hz (a 0.8dB) ~ 50Hz (a ldB), to improve the overall

A tube amplifier 01 HI-FI
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index basis. Aircraft power supply voltage section shown in Figure 1-42 in each group, three rectifier bridges are constituted by the four 1N4007, Rl ,. R2 is Cl, C2. C3 and C4 are resistors, two capacitors connected in series in order to prevent Because a partial pressure caused by uneven overvoltage. Following is used to achieve high-voltage electrical delay control, the machine uses its normally open contact groups. R3 is power resistors, since the relay Kl output between the output and the VT1 have 500v - 360V-140V pressure, so affixed R3 to reduce the requirements for VT1 tube, R3 take 60V (40mA a R4 taken 82kn C6 take lO fiF. It used to reduce grain output .VD13 ~ VD15 crossing the regulator diode, electrical voltage to around 360V o VT1, VT2 connected in Darlington form, to get a better voltage regulation review C7 and C9 filter high frequency wave capacitors, and R3 taken o.lrdrFpR5 like to share power, R5 taken 1.5kfl.R6 take 82kfl + C7 with R4 a C 5.VT1, VT2 uses high-voltage power transistor 2SC3306, VT3 as the power transistor 2SC3743

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