As control the discharge tube type delay circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As of control type delay circuit discharge Discharge delay circuit and a delay circuit rechargeable compared Discharge delay circuit can obtain a longer delay, and the delay is

As control the discharge tube type delay circuit
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relatively high accuracy. Wherein the circuit is shown as a schematic diagram for the input and output waveforms. Under normal circumstances, when there is no input signal, the transistor VTi off, VT2, VTa conduction, the output U.. Zero potential. When the signal voltage to U9r VTi conduction, VT2 off, VT3 still turned on, U.. Zero potential. After some delay, VT2 conduction, VT3 off, the output U.. High potential. When the input signal disappears, VTi reply deadline, VT2, VT3 conduction. Usr signal to appear by the U.. Goes high and the delay time interval, t can be calculated as: t O 7 (RP + Rs) C (s). Wherein, R5, RP unit is 0, C is the unit F .

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