By the actual application circuit composed of a color picture tube with TDA6103Q

As shown in FIG grounds TDA6103Q and color picture tube composed of the actual application. R, G, B input signal from the input socket X3, through the input resistor network co

nsists of capacitors into the TDA6103Q 1,2,3 feet, respectively, from the amplified signal output pin 9,8,7, through R21, R22, R23 is added to the color picture tube three cathodes KR, KG, KB, cathode emission electrons produce images. TDA6103Q supply voltage is provided by socket X1 pin 1 + 185V input voltage applied to TDA6103Q 6 feet. Enter the network potentiometer R13, R6, R15, R4, R14 for the white balance adjustment potentiometer. Color picture tube cathode and the gate using protected forms gap discharge, the output of the amplifier to protect TDA6103Q internal breakdown will not be generated when the high pressure discharge between the electrodes.

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