Valve/Tube Low Frequency amplifier 30W

Posted on May 3, 2017    3807

The amplifier of this design is 30 Watt and is suitable for microphone-inducing. It accepts a crystalline microphone and can be used for speeches, lectures, as a transmitter modulator and generally where it can be useful as a common frequency amplifier. The frequency range it amplifies starts at 50 C / S and reaches 10 KC / S. At these frequencies the boost falls by 3DB. The deformation of the amplifier is approximately 8%. The output consists of two 6L6 in Push-Pull configuration.

Valve/Tube Low Frequency amplifier 30W
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The two ECC83 lamps make the pre-enhancement. The potentiometer R1 is used to adjust the volume of the voice. Output transformer T1 has an impedance impedance of 10KΩ. The primary wire is for 100mA and this transformer must have a core for 30W power transfer. If its secondary transformer T1 is to be connected to a loudspeaker, it should have an impedance of 8Ω. If used as a modulator then it must have a 10KΩ impedance. The power adapter has a primary 220V and a secondary 2X 350V for 150mA, 6.3V for 3A and 5V for 2A. The smoothing filter choke is 10H for 150mA.

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