A star-delta switch automatically a start-up circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A star-delta Bolt switching a starting circuit. Often used in Figure I-5 (a) of the knife; wiring. Therapy, but there are security risks in this method, that is, when KM; Jie b

A star-delta switch automatically a start-up circuit
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ranch sleepy species pecking read J1: when the road, the motor will become barrier shoulder press movement. Thus ln1 just on the grid (spoon impact .i; I play now instantaneous voltage tll large fluctuations affect other same line of electrical work two full-Hill J heir, the starting current increases fuse blows frequently. increased shoulder movement times the number. What the machine so that l release NPC life is reduced. the method is herein referred carp wing of an army. indiscriminately I 5 (a) of pickled wiring diagram l to a 5 l D) wiring playing method. ir] - on KM2 and KMi were sequential control, so that the boat} felt a safe and reliable way. If K M2 [some kind of D; c shut small suction flute, the entire circuit is not working to protect the motor from the start of the Qiang full of pus. Protection also Suo Ran circles often stop by a small impact, it does not affect the use of electrical appliances on the same line as T- lIi often.

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