Auto Cutter mill circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Cutter is protected by a printed circuit phototransistor constructed to prevent manual feeding mistakenly stepped on the cutter switch and cause accidents. The line at the time

Auto Cutter mill circuit
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of manual feeding, automatic paper cutter can be controlled shutdown. Relay has a normally open contact K series cutter knife in operation control coil power supply circuit, only when the normally open contact K is closed, the next paper cutter before knife. K relay coil connected in series with the collector VT2 circuit, controlled by the state of VT2, VT2 and VT1 controlled by, VT1 by the phototransistors controlled VT3, VT3 controlled by light. Cutter mounted in the side of the bulb to the other side of the exposure. lrf3 mounted on the other side with the received light bulbs to light.. Working principle: VT1 and VT2 can be composed of an emitter coupled to flip-flop. When workers hand put paper, hand it will cover light bulbs to light, so VT3 phototransistor showed high resistance, and thus will make Vn conduction, VT2 off, KA relay coil power release, its normally open contact point KA1 reset off so cutter knife operation control coil current path is cut off, to prevent release cutter workers hand cut paper when the accident occurred.

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