Automatic anti-frost crop controller circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit works The automatic anti-frost crop controller circuit consists of electric contact mercury thermometer Q, the control circuit and ignition devices and other components

Automatic anti-frost crop controller circuit diagram
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, as shown in FIG. Electric contact mercury thermometer differs and like mercury thermometer is inserted into the cavity of the mercury thermometer, two platinum electrodes New York, is the contact electrode mercury thermometer inserted in the upper part of the warehouse, and the other is inserted in the need to control the temperature scale the control electrode. When using the monitoring and control temperature (fuel smoke temperature) set to + l. The control circuit consists of thyristor VT, resistors Rl, R2 and the capacitor C form. Ignition device consists of a small lamp HL 2.5V and gunpowder, and the like. First leads on the two electrodes small bulbs HL two wires, then fine sandpaper or fine grinding wheel to the top HL glass beads grind a hole, and then from the hole injection into the glass ball have pyrotechnic. Then the light bulb HL with a suitable sized plastic film wrapping, plastic film built around 20g powder, smokable material as ignition agent. When used, the smokable material is deposited on the formed igniter, the smokable material layer of soil above the pressure to prevent the smokable material fire burning head. When the air temperature is higher than the temperature measurement and control (+ 1 ), electric contact mercury thermometer Q control contact connected (mercury column rises above the control electrode, the mercury will be connected between the electrode and the contact electrode control), crystal Oh tube VT is extremely low due to the door and turned off. When the temperature drops, atmospheric conditions the formation of frost, the electric contact mercury thermometer Q control contacts are open (the mercury drops below the control electrode, a control electrode and the electrode of the Division turned off), VT due to the gate get high trigger conduction, HL filament current flows in the gunpowder ignited ignition smokable material. Component selection Rl and R2 use 1/4W or 1/8W carbon film resistors. C selection pressure is IOV over electrolytic capacitors. S use of small toggle switch. HL 2.5V with a small selection of flashlight bulb. GB a choice of two 5th ordinary batteries. Q choose adjustable electric contact mercury thermometer.

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