Automatic winding circuitry

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Electronic Winder points manual, electric, semi-automatic winding machine variety, this example describes a winding machine with electronic counting feature that lets users coi

Automatic winding circuitry
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led, used motor windings. (1) The circuit Winder shape as shown in FIG. 7-la. By the optical sensor circuit, shaping circuit, plus/minus recognition circuit and four-digit counter circuit, as shown in Figure 7-lb. Photosensor circuit consists of resistors Ri, R2, flat, R, and optical coupler VI-C1, VI4C2 composition. R., R. And VLC1 composition adder counting sensor circuit. Rz, R9 and VLC2 composition subtraction counting sensor circuit. South Sixth shaping circuit Schmitt trigger NAND gate integrated circuit lCl internal rhyme D1-D4 constitute. Plus/minus recognition by the two D flip-flop circuit IC2 internal trigger Al, A2 components. Four-digit counter by the resistors R3-R, reset button S, counter/decoder integrated circuit IC3 ~ IC6 and LED digital display A ~ D components. (2) The circuit diagram used to answer it SA, to reset the counter is cleared, then the input Dl, D3 and D2, D4 of the output terminal are high. Oi, Q2 output of IC2 is low. 10 does not count. When the winding machine forward (addition count), the rectangular aperture winding turntable so VLC1 first trigger, so D1 output high. D2 output low Subsequently VLC2 trigger, D3 output level as the end of IC2 CP1 trigger pulse, A1 stupid turn in lC3 {the CPU side to join the count pulse, the counter starts counting the addition. Similarly, if the winding reverses, then. VLC2 first trigger work, VLC1 trigger work. AZ flip, count pulses IC3 provide the CPD, subtraction counter starts counting. Adjustment Ri wind resistance, can change VLC1 sensitivity. Adjustment Rz and R, the resistance, can change VLC2 sensitivity. Automatic winding machine has counted five simultaneous winding coils and other functions, can improve production efficiency.

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