Autotransformer decompression control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Close the power switch os, press the start button SB2. KM1 contactor is energized combined self-locking, the main contacts are closed, the autotransformer TM connected between

Autotransformer decompression control circuit
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the power source and the motor, the motor start decompression. KM1 move off the auxiliary contacts are open, can not guarantee KM2 was electric; KM1 of auxiliary units are moving together contacts, the intermediate relay KA1 was electric suction combined self-locking. KA1 of moving together contact closure, making power-delay time relay KT is energized incl. When the motor speed when close to its rated speed, the delay of KT closed front contact is closed, the intermediate relay KA2 was electric heating combined self lock. KA2 of moving together contact closure, in preparation for the KM2 was electric. KA2 the break contact open, the United States die of hunger transcript millet M1 tank costs of electricity release j KM1 main contact is disconnected, cut off the power to the motor, KM1 moving off contact closed reset, so that JI j KM2 self-locking motor departing from the transformer coupled by Jun KM2 main contact normal operation full pressure.

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