LES production with automatic hand controller circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit operation principle of the device shown in Figure. Usually infrared light emitting tube VD1 infrared radiation emitted in infrared receiver tube VD2, leading to VD2 internal resistance becomes smaller, so the LSE feet high output at this time, when the

LES production with automatic hand controller circuit
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transistor VT end, the relay J is released, it often open contact j1-1, j1-2 off, heating and cooling fan does not work without power. When people washing hands, to put his hand between VD1 and VD1, blocking the infrared emitted by the VD1, VD2 of resistance increases at this time, the equivalent of LSE O, feet open, so the LSE pin output low level, the transistor VT conduction, the relay J excitation pull its power contacts. Heating and cooling fan should be pre-connected to the grid, the press of "hot air" and switch on the machine.

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