Rapid control circuit of a stepping motor

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The figure shows that dark tomb electric locks, fti: al: 4046B and XOR f] as the main control circuit, called S emitted pulses and silicon successive pulses built 4 Shaanxi.

Rapid control circuit of a stepping motor
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His normal button J 'NC position where ci.q were treated Di. D fjt electricity, q Yi cut orange lock loop VCO, f: l for XOR gate output f | J low 'l Bu. After pressing the button F. Cl, C2 {} not by M, R charge, after a 0.5 second delay after vco work. 0 to 5 seconds before the vco start working within the loose dike button, since the state XOR gate (14) and the output pin goes r95 - one-shot pulse. If the button is pressed fI <JH asked Takeo had 0,5 subtle, DV co work, after which the output voltage of shaped into a continuous pulse, and then sail XOR gate output t .... c9) foot BU n © charged up voltage to frequency vco linear increase Jj , difficulties of this circuit emits a continuous pulse meters more of the L, the wine container to VC0 division i rate rose fq saturation value. Thus, the operation speed of the stepping motor. In the debt load shift refers to the vicinity of a boring after Tacitus. Release the button, cl. Island immediately discharged. vco stop Ii / l-. With less than 0 5 seconds of pressing the button is pressed the speed of a single pulse deep Kera precise location. R. C, so that the value of hemp saturated vco frequency prison, etc. f: 1b Machine maximum step rate.

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