Thyristor AC automatic voltage regulator circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in the circuit in order to stabilize the lamp brightness L, using thyristor AC automatic voltage regulator circuit. Access to this end a diagonal line from the thyrist

Thyristor AC automatic voltage regulator circuit diagram
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or T5 bridge of exchanges. Its trigger pulse is generated by single-junction transistor VT4. Transistor VT1, VT2 and VT3 phototransistor equivalent resistance from the role. When the lamp light power is due to change, the change in resistance of the phototransistor, single-junction transistor control voltage phase also changed, so that the trigger pulse thyristor phase shift, increase or decrease the thyristor conduction time, L on the approximation of the voltage remains constant, the brightness of the lamp is also kept approximately constant, so that the light stability.

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