Optical Direction Discriminator Circuit


Posted on Mar 24, 2013    10576

The very simple circuit uses only two CD4001 packages, i.e., eight NOR gates and operates in the following way: Pulse streams are fed to an RS flip flop generating an output waveform wliich has a small or large duty cycle depending on the direction of rotation, The same input pulses are also fed to a NOR gate, which adds the two pulse trains. The rising edges of this waveform are used to produce short positive pulses from the circuit consisting of Rl, CI, D3, and a NOR gate used as an inverter. This is used to sample the outputs of the flip flop to detect the direction of rotation.

Optical Direction Discriminator Circuit - schematic

The output, whose duty cycle is large, forces the sampling NOR gate to generate a pulse train which sets (or resets) the second RS flip-flop continuously giving a permanent indication of the direction of rotation.

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