6-transistor H-bridge

Posted on Jul 28, 2012

Mark Tilden`s 6-transistor H-bridge Design, limitations, usage This is the six transistor `Tilden style` H-bridge; while not as old as the original `basic H-bridge,` this goes `way back,` and is the basis for many BEAM driver circuits * Up to 800 mA capacity (using PN2222 and PN2907 transistors) * 30 connections per bridge (so, 30 holes if you make a PCB) * Not `smoke-proof` (i.e., it can`t handle drive voltage in both directions at once)

6-transistor H-bridge
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

This circuit comes in two flavors -- one triggers on positive input (non-inverting), the other triggers on negative input (inverting). Freeforming Courtesy of Bruce Robinson, here are diagrams for free-forming both the inverting and non-inverting flav

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