A high-power DC motor overcurrent protection circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

R "h sampling circuit limit order _" to reduce the sampling resistor. Plus DC voltage level can be placed between the

A high-power DC motor overcurrent protection circuit
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nine-party agency. With the elbow through the magnification adjusting the line amplifier can / fH should whole day protection current. r cattle production is exposed under the action of the motor startup by c ,, R., wl, Fi and Fz composed boot delay protection circuit, just start, capacitor c. no voltage, F output low .J '] is high, Paul charged by the terminal voltage of the capacitor cl gradually increased protection does not act.. (when there is a sufficient delay time when the rise of the sword must ask) f flip auxiliary} f {island village level, Magog lose thirty by w ,, Rz f .R other components of the current detection circuit control paste, the motor current hill .R, the pressure drop more, the lower level f collector voltage, motor current exceeds curse over protection the protection current, Mary output high, the roar, c, delay, after the exclusion of interference, n output low .J and self-locking action, cut off the electrical power supply circuit to protect the motor. If pV3, C3 constitute the delay in the time when the current drops back rating, just by giant electric c D] on the rapid discharge, sensitivity to ensure the protection.

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