A motor reversing automatic adjustment circuit

C ,. C! Composition ratio circuit. Ri. C, constituting the shift shed circuit diode VDi - VD4 constitute destroy stream bridge, electric pit C4 is used - Application Filtering

and elimination of instant relay is energized Mau spy operation. When the phase FF is A - B - C (B .C phase phase phase lag rA rB phase advance) when, U c advance UBc. When cl c-, when seen from the scaling circuit. Ui J/2U s, where Um is the three-phase voltage amplitude. From the phase shift circuit r Ri, c3 constituted, T calculated U2 fYJ voltage amplitude of U! Two (Um/Z)/( C p). To simplify too ! Uln October. :(. 3.j. When I icl 3, the la u2 1 2um, namely ui l zi 2um. and feng bian h bit with, open i) point output hip as i n, current flows through relay 0, kl water moves electrical motor cap sequence is abc. when wiring to change phase for ac at b .u {.ul, amplitude are not equal, blind trust, chu action, loving rotation of constant.

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