Automatic washing machine motor driver schematic

Automatic washing machine motor driver schematic It shows the automatic washing machine motor drive circuit schematic. The circle of Narcissus XQB30-III-type washing machine mo

tor drive circuit practical. The control circuit is composed of four Triac, four drive transistor and the control chip consisting of a base of the transistor save when there is a high level, it is turned on, the corresponding thyristor is triggered, controlled electromagnetic Kui move oak. At the start of washing, the water level microcomputer program controller foot switch connected to the water level and switch (Hang foot water solenoid valve work together to control the washing water injection barrel. When the water level reaches a predetermined level, the process microcomputer program controller inlet valve control transistor VT6 deadline to stop injecting water to the wash tub. microcomputer program controller or the foot of transistor VT3 or VT4 conduction, the motor forward or reverse, start washing clothes. wash Xie after completing microcomputer control device or (Liao foot transistor VT3 or VT4 close, the motor stops running computer control emblem pin din transistor. VT5: conduction, drain solenoid valve begins to work when the drain to the end. one minute, microcomputer program controller feet transistor VT7 and V I2 is turned on, the buzzer start crying.

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