Brushless motor rotor a stator and a drive circuit

Brushless motor rotor, a stator and a drive circuit Relationship between the brushless motor rotor, a stator and a drive circuit is shown in Fig. The initial state illustrated

VT3, VT4 conduction, the power of the positive electrode via a W coil U coil VT3 VT4 a negative electrode to form a loop, loop forming stator poles W N pole, U S coil forming pole, V coil no current. As the role of the stator magnetic field on the rotor poles, the rotor is rotated counterclockwise. When it runs 600, VT1, VT5 from off into a conduction state, the current path is changed, that is a positive power supply VT1 a coil winding U V VT5-- a negative power. U magnetic coil at the first field becomes N-pole magnetic field at the coil becomes V S, so that the rotor continues to rotate counterclockwise direction (600). After VTl ~ VT6 crystal tube orderly handover can be achieved continuous rotation.

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