Electronic circuit steady speed motor application

Posted on Dec 11, 2010    9891

Electronic circuit steady speed motor applications Electronic steady speed mode is automatic remote control over the role of the motor power supply circuit to the motor to achi

Electronic circuit steady speed motor application
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eve steady speed control, shown is an application circuit. Figure (b), visible, DC motor connected to the circuit, as part of the circuit. Since the DC motor line has a coil winding impedance, then into the new circuit. So choose resistors RI, Rz, R3, so rIJRI R: Z/R3, state of equilibrium. Because during the rotation of the rotor coil generates counter electromotive force, and the role of the electromotive force of the motor causes the motor speed changes with the resistance rm, so between a, b will produce the motor speed is proportional to the potential difference. That is, when the motor speed increases, back electromotive force becomes large, a relative point b point potential becomes high. VT2 of the transistor emitter voltage is raised, VT2 base current decreases, VI2 collector current also decreases. VT2 VT1 collector current is the base current of the transistor, which would also make the collector current decreases VT1. Thus, for the motor power supply voltage drop, the motor speed is automatically reduced.

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