Fan motor starting circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fan power equipment traditional control methods is through manual or relay control, there is the problem of poor reliability and flexibility. For example, the motor capacity at

Fan motor starting circuit diagram
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large, it takes a long time there is a starting, starting current dog, operational safety and poor reliability. To do this, we need more measures to achieve automatic control of high pressure centrifugal fan, and ensure the safe operation of the system. This example discussed PLC for control of high pressure centrifugal fan problem. (1) system control requirements in order to solve these problems, we need to reduce the starting load at startup centrifugal fan, through a star delta conversion method to reduce the starting current, safety interlock control measures. Fan motor starter main circuit shown in Figure 26-21. Wherein the contactor KM1, KM2 connected, when KM3 disconnected fan motor is star-connected coils; KM2, KM3 contactor energized, KM1 off, the fan motor coil triangular link} KM1, KM3 should interlock. (2) PLC selection and I/O system is defined by a companys coMl OMROM type PLC control. PL.C of I/O to the address allocation table

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