Flashlight circuit diagram of a motor control model

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

When no light, photocell PC1, PC2 was high resistance, Q1, Q2 is turned off the relay contacts K1, K2 relay

Flashlight circuit diagram of a motor control model
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switched contacts, the battery B3 on the Rs potentiometer partial pressure through the relay K3 and B1, B2 series applied across the motor, since the opposite polarity, can adjust the R3 series circuit no current flows, K3 does not move, the contact barrier, the motor does not rotate. When the torch light PC1, PC1, low impedance, similar to shorting of Q1 b, e pole, Q1 is turned off, turned on K1 contact, so B1, B2 cells in series connected to both ends of the motor, the motor is rotated. Also, because the contacts connected K1, K3 to make ends directly connected to the positive terminal of the battery B3 and R3 center tap, so the K3 is turned on, turned contacts K3, even removed the flashlight lighting, the contact K3 of rotation of the motor can be maintained . Only when irradiated with light flashlight battery PC2, so Q2 is turned off, break contact K2 and K3 cutting path, K3 contacts open, the motor stopped turning.

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