Litter Box with 12V pc fan

Posted on Oct 15, 2012

Not every new use of technology requires a microcontroller. This one uses a 12 volt computer fan from CompUSA, a snap close food box from Walmart, some PVC pipe from Home Depot, and a large plastic storage container from Big Lots.e food storage box whose lid is screwed to the container and holes drilled thru the lids of both. A one inch round hole is drilled in the base (now on top) of the storage box and a 12 volt dc wall-wart powers the fan. A large entry hole is cut in the lid of the box. This type of entry keeps most of the litter from migrating out.

Litter Box with 12V pc fan
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Sections of 1 inch pvc pipe are cut and jammed together to route the odors out a nearby window. Changing the litter out once a month works just fine. At least, the cat is not complaining. Usually, there is no smell at all from this system do to the constant outflow of air and really low humidity here in Arizona.

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