Miniature DC Motor Speed Control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Miniature DC Motor Speed Control circuit b Having a steady speed function micro motor drive circuit steady speed Miniature DC motor control circuit shown in Figure 8-32. Ring (a) shows the voltage feedback mode is for tape recording machine miniature DC motor

Miniature DC Motor Speed Control circuit
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drive circuit, which uses NE 555 when the base integrated circuit VT1 transistor output switching pulses through the drive motor rotation turn. NE 555 feet for the negative feedback signal input. Through the feedback loop to achieve steady speed control, feet external potentiometer VR1, can speed into fine adjustment. Figure (b) shows the use of speed feedback motor drive circuit, which is provided to the motor speed signal generator TG, a speed signal filtered by the rectifier into a DC voltage is fed back to the @ NE 555 feet, the NE 555 testing and comparison, then by foot output a variable control signal, so as to achieve the purpose of steady speed.

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