Multifunctional motor protection circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Circuit works: When normal inspection work where the voltage across the resistor R2 through, RP, partial pressure, as the input signal of IC4. IC4, R3 ~ Rg,

Multifunctional motor protection circuit
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C7 ~ ~ Cl ,, VDs VD, and the like mean response of a half-wave rectified linear AC / DC converter amplifier. Positive half cycle, signal flow is: IC4 a CS island a VD7- R6_ + _ + RP2- GND. The negative half cycle, the current discharge circuit is: GND- * RP2- R7- VD6_ Cs- lC4. Outputs R8, cl ,, Rg obtained an average RMS input linearly proportional DC voltage, the voltage by S. (S. placed in normal operation measuring end) into the A / D converter is adjusted correctly IC ,, R) l and RP2, can accurately display LED current transformer primary current of BT. When used to protect the three-phase AC electric motor, which can be used to detect electrical circuit motive in any phase of the three-phase current.

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