One of debug circuitry DC motor armature resistance in series starting

Circuit shown in Figure 3-190. The line in the armature circuit in series two startup resistor Ri, Rz, through the main switch SA to achieve start, stop and speed control. Duri

ng startup time by two relays KTi, KTz automatically cut two segments startup resistor. With over-current protection circuit (KIl) and weakening protection (KI2). Intermediate relay KA, KA for the under voltage relay. At startup, the SA from 0 position hit the 1 position, the startup resistor Ri, Rz have access armature circuit via a delay after paragraph (determined by KTi) short of Ri, and then after a delay ( KT2 decision) by the short and the Rz, electric full voltage running into the motive, the end of the boot process. If desired deceleration can be master switch SA is set to 2 or 3 position, the motor armature in series level or resistance levels run under.

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