One of reversing circuit reverse braking resistor in series with a DC motor armature start

Circuit shown in Figure 3-201. The circuit has two starting resistor, starting resistor controlled by the time relay cut; SA by a master switch to control the motor reversing o

peration; shut down, the use of reverse brake, reverse braking is based on motor size Speed automatic control. This circuit series-wound type, shunt and compound excitation type DC motors are applicable. Figure, Rz, Ra to start resistance; Ri is reverse flow limiting resistor, the braking process in reverse access armature circuit to limit the reverse current brake. When the motor speed from zero to start reverse, Ri is short, does not affect the normal reverse L start the discharge resistor R4; KMi is forward contactor; KM2 to reverse contactors; KM3 main circuit (armature ) contactor; KM4 to reverse brake connector. Overcurrent relay KI for overload and short circuit protection.

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