Single-phase double-winding motor driving

Almost open collector two outputs, open a withstand voltage of 60V, continuous conduction current of 0.3A, voltage drop typical type is 0. 4V, Zhang peak current of 9A. Can dir

ectly drive two windings and easily compose minimal external components, low cost, monolithic single-phase brushless DC motor output Q (2 feet) and acupuncture (3 feet) are complementary. Hall generator when the internal sense the magnetic flux density exceeds the action value by BOP, Q goes low, and after about acupuncture ws when delayed transition to high. Conversely, anti-polarity magnetic induction Back BRP value, Q goes high, and acupuncture is low. Since the circuit with internal temperature compensation circuit, in -20 ~ + 80C within the operating temperature range, can maintain a stable switch point. This circuit supply voltage as 5-14V.T ten z5c when, Bc) p . 0025 ~ 0.025T.BRP eleven .025-0.0025T, BHYs O.OIT. Application Circuit Example in, VD, VD, and S. freewheeling circuit composed of two windings and clamping of spikes induced electromotive force to protect lc output transistor. when you use this circuit to be noted that, when the motor is started, the maximum starting current (determined by the motor power supply voltage and winding resistance) should not exceed the ICs current most large allowable value.

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