Speed regulator for dc motors  

Motor Control Circuits
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Oct 13, 2012
A four thyristor controlled bridge is used for operation in two quadrants of the torque-speed characteristics. In the trigger circuits the usual pulse transformers were replaced by self biased circuits which minimize gate power consumption and increase noise immunity. Electrical isolation is guaranteed by the use of optocouplers. The trigger pulses are generated by the comparison between an error signal, previously processed and amplified, and a line synchronism signal.
Speed regulator for dc motors - schematic

The converter's output is a dc voltage proportional to the speed, which after being compared with a reference signal, becomes the error signal.

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UFUK VARLIK   Sep 18, 2018

Hi Dear, I have a few questions. 1) What are the characteristics of motor ?(op-voltage, current, brushed/brushless, start current) ? 2) +15V supply external supply? 3) Do you using op amp for filter ? Thanx for your help.