Three-phase motor overcurrent protection circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A three-phase electric motor is over- current protection circuit. How it works: This example circuit uses a transformer to sense the current, three-phase motor currents exceedi

Three-phase motor overcurrent protection circuit
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ng normal operating current time. Overcurrent relay Kl pull current reaches the set value of the suction, the normally closed contacts disconnect, KM loss of power release, the main circuit power loss t thereby protecting the electric motor, to disconnect when the over-current power supply. When the motor starting current is large, with a time relay normally closed contact to the current transformer shorting avoid motor starting current flows Kl and malfunction. Motor starting to be completed after the current is reduced to normal, by the delay time relay KT move for the normally closed contacts disconnect, normally open contact closure, the KI access current transformer circuits.

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