Two models of DC motor reversing control circuit


Posted on Dec 11, 2010    3625

DC motor E inversion control circuit, the circuit loop L li KDL -. 80 (primer using a single set of normally open/normally record relay contacts when A.B two low, the relay KI,

Two models of DC motor reversing control circuit - schematic

JK, JK ] surgery are turned on, the motor water transfer: a point for the business when the half-indole, relay contact point/KI 2 IE turn off motors when the B point a is high, the relay contacts fUKl 2.JKzI JK32. closed boat, motor the reversing relay IIr selection 4088. 4098.T70, T71, etc. secluded J -. 80 (b) for the introduction of two normally open/normally Chun relay contacts is low when A.B two semi relay when JKi, JKz does not move, the motor does not turn when the point a is high relay contacts jkl :./Ki 4 off, the motor positive and negative: when the B point is high, the relay contacts JK2 BU/K2 4 is closed, the motor the reversing ripple Italy should foot: B points can not be both a high-level relay can be used 1ZC 7F. 4099 et al.,

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