A simple grid control circuit

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A. B, C for big power split phase I, A + BC Rang generator phase line, A-A indole path string has a 2H220V/15W bulbs, bulbs recovery as both macro instructions J Sweet World as

A simple grid control circuit
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Well bucks electric brake sheet J. W Lamp wooden pole end that 4 H bridge consisting rely heap, B-B and c-c go the same way with the AA indole road situation b6 cap f Division. 3 mix with the same detection circuit f] or the composition of the circuit, H Ji wherein the phase detection circuit bright lights, JfW water action. Only Bout given conditions F. That voltage generator, frequency, phase sequence, phase of the grid are the same. NIE all the lights go out, only action, driven AC contactor units. Well completion generators [make, pupa magnetic mussels should be good while Lanna festival turbine speed and generator voltage, frequency and the generator power just cotton division, in order to successfully liters net. Xu Jian network control circuit 12V power supply by the generator phase voltage after the transformer rectifier regulator to get down Hi, electric reasons drove off manually or automatically controlled, well IoJ fi power is turned off so well worthy of the net clamor circuit operation.

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