Boiler control circuit

Boiler control circuit for controlling the temperature of water in the hot water heating system, often used comparator s comparison function to control the heating equipment. I

ts control circuit is shown. Circuit, and thermistor products z hurricane form a voltage divider, dividing its value as a reference voltage applied to the U- end. Riz thermistor placed outside the boiler door. Rn and the resistance Rz is selected such that: when the external temperature is 16 when, RI2 and Rz of equal value. Resistance R, and the thermistor R, t also form a voltage divider, dividing its value by the end of the U-ten. Thermistor R., Placed in a pot furnace inside t Rj- and the resistance Ri is selected according to the following conditions: when the boiler temperature is 88 when, Ru and Rt resistance should be equal. To control the output of the comparator transistor VT. When the boiler temperature 88, the comparator output high, so VT turned on, causing the relay K to pull, turn off the heat source boiler.

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