Forward and reverse speed control circuit can be integrated with a brake function

Figure 3173 is a mechanical braking, dynamic braking, reverse braking function wound rotor induction motor speed can be positive and negative control circuit. Figure, KI, to st

all relay (actually overcurrent relay); KI2 overcurrent relay; KMi positive turn contacts; KM2 to reverse contactors; KMa powered brake contactor; KM4 braking contactor; KMs trans pick brake contactor; KM6, KM7 to accelerate contacts; YB brake electromagnet; KAi brake relay; KAz to reverse brake relay; KA3 powered brake relay; KTi, KT2, KT3 the time relay. Wherein the reverse brake relay KA3 is started in reverse braking, the motor slip sa: O when the action, and the turn speed drop close to zero (ie, when s Fl) was released. Returns must be high coefficient of DC relay. Only action case stall relay KI, in the production of mechanical jamming stall occurs when, due to the rapid emergence of the motor overcurrent. Dynamic brake relay KAs (in essence, a time relay) to control the dynamic brake contactor KM3 action into a step motor control energy consumption rubidium move.

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