INA326 327 a single power PID Proportional - Integral - Derivative temperature control loop circuit

As shown by INA326/327 constitute a single power PID (proportional - integral - derivative) as shown in the temperature control loop. The circuit is mainly to complete work on

the measurement and control of temperature. RTHERM thermistor temperature detection, the temperature change into an electrical signal input INA326/327, amplified output to the operational amplifier 1/4 (OPA4340) further amplification and adjustment, and then into three operational amplifier 1/4 (OPA4340) scaling circuit integrating circuit, a differentiating circuit (ie PID) consisting of treatment, after the final synthesized by 1/2 (OPA2340) output. Potentiometer R7 for setting the temperature, adjust R7 can RTHERM thermistor temperature at the time of initial output is zero, that is, to determine the initial temperature point. Potentiometer R16 is used to adjust the loop gain adjustment R16 can make the circuit level to the proportional, integral and differential circuit circuit in the most appropriate value. Potentiometer R17, R20, respectively, adjusted for integrating circuit and applied to the differential input of the circuit level, so that in the most appropriate value. By a 1/2 (OPA2340) constitute a voltage follower as a bias current generator to provide low-impedance output bias current to each circuit.

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