Lantern controller circuit diagram of a non-contact

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown below for the non-contact lantern control circuit. The controller includes integrated music CIC2851, drive BG1 and BG2, thyristor SCR and other components. When the sw

Lantern controller circuit diagram of a non-contact
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itch is pressed AN, CIC2851 job is triggered, the output terminal (pin 3) output music signal that after BG1 and BG2 amplification drive the speaker sound of music. Meanwhile, the triac is triggered SCR conduction, the lantern lit chain LN. With different musical signal frequency and intensity of, SCR conduction angle is changed, so that the chain of lights with the music rhythm changes and issue the appropriate light. W change music playing time adjustment circuit, you can change the time flashing lights chain. R3 may also be changed to adjust the intensity of SCR trigger signal, if carefully debugging, will enable the chain of lights flashing up the most lively. Each time you press AN, playing a piece of music, lights flashing along the chain for some time. If the AN switch replaced and closed, continuous music playing, lights chain will continuously flash. Music integrated circuit may be replaced with other models, transistor BG1 and BG2 are 3DG6 and 3DG130 type requires its 60, SCR can be used 3CTS3A/400V. Lantern chain selected commercial products. This circuit can achieve bright lights off with the rhythm of the music changes, and can make people enjoy the melodious music, which can be used to add programs and joy of the occasion.

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