Lighting auto controller

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

The governor following is intended to regulate the light intensity incandescent 220 V. The components in a relatively few, which means it can easily be mounted onto a small plate. After the build, we recommend you place it inside the box which is flush mounted switch ON / OFF the lamp. Setting the switch to ON, the lamp will light after about 400 msec, a delay is probably negligible. But when the state enters the ON OFF, then mesolathei a period of 20 sec, the brightness of the lamp remains unchanged to start falling out soon after.

Lighting auto controller
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The last feature is particularly useful when we want to have a little time from the moment you 'close' switch. Once the switch S1 set to ON, the capacitor C2 begins to charge through R1, C1 and bridge D1-D4. The Zener diode D5 limits the voltage across the capacitor to about 15 n. After awhile, the diode D6 LED illuminates, causing the appearance of a significant drop in voltage across R3. The change in voltage results in stimulation of Triac TR1, which in turn lit the lamp is connected to K2. We note that the resistor R3 is a type of LDR, the price that depends on the intensity of light falling on it. When the switch is moved to OFF, the capacitor C2 will discharge through R 1, R2 and D6. During discharge, the LED D6 reduces the brightness continuously, which causes a gradual decrease in voltage across R3. The increasing resistance of R3 is causing in turn change the firing angle of the Triac, which eventually results in a smooth decrease in brightness of the lamp. The time required for complete extinction of the lamp is defined by the regulatory P1 and directly dependent on the time constant R2-C2. The circuit works properly only if it falls on the R3 only light diode O6 rather diffuse room light. The type of LDA is not critical. Choose a length with a 5mm.

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