Photoelectric control circuit lullaby

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Because of the high rhythm of peoples lives. Tense, intense competition, many people suffering from insomnia, pose a threat to health and work, for this section presents a feas

Photoelectric control circuit lullaby
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ible and effective way to control song photoelectric hypnotic music can lift your insomnia troubles, let you into dreamland. (1) The Principle circuit shown in Figure g-44, using 4N25 optocoupler output terminal of input terminals without feedback effect, the principle of only one-way transmission signal, to achieve optical transmission control. Optocoupler emitting diode and phototransistor group into. Rj, 4N25 constituting the signal control circuit for controlling VT1, VT2, K, Y composition audio oscillator circuit. Circuit normal, DC output by brother, added to O and 4N25 the end, light emitting diode, make and end conduction, VT1 base bias and off, the audio oscillator does not work. When a, b ends when switch Sl short circuit, the voltage is zero, the light-emitting diode tube does not work, the photosensitive transistor is turned off, and the partial pressure of Rz, Dai VT1 base to provide forward bias to turn it on. Amplifier tube VT2 work, the collector electric coil on the relay K, K normally open contacts closed, the light emitting diode LED1, LEDZ sparkling musical circuit, to play a wonderful blend of international music week, take you into dreamland. Disconnect SI circuit resumed wait state. Dual power supply 6V DC power supply. (2) Component selective optical coupler selected 4N25, musical selection KD- 9300, + 6V battery power supply selection, VD is 1N4001, K selection JRX-13F Small power relays, VT1 force 3DG12. VT2 is 3CG21. I.EDl, LED2 selected diameter + 3mm red light-emitting diodes, a small selection of the speaker BL. Other component parameters as shown in Figure 9-45. (3) Installation and commissioning according to the schematic design of the printed circuit board or self-purchase, the components soldered to the printed circuit board, power supply fixed to the chassis backplane. Speaker is mounted on the inner wall of the chassis side. Power switch, indicator, test jacks on the front panel. Press the schematic corresponds to the connection. The minimum reference size chassis 120 8mmz. Available insulation materials such as wood, plastic plate processing or outsourcing.

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