Integrated solid state relay

Posted on Sep 5, 2012

A complete zero-voltage switch solid-state relay contains an input circuit, an output circuit, and the power thyristor. The circuit illustrates a triac power thyristor with snubber circuit and GE-MOVRII Vans tor transient over-voltage protection. The 22 ohm resistor shunts di/dt currents, passing through the bridge diode capacitances, from the triac gate, while the 100 ohm resistor limits surge and gate currents to safe levels. Although the circuits illustrated are for 120-V rms operation, relays that operate on 220 V require higher voltage ratings on the MOV, rectifier diodes, triac, and pilot SCR.

Integrated solid state relay
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The voltage divider that senses zero crossing must also be selected to minimize power dissipation in the transistor optisolator circuit for 220-V operation.

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