JS20 single-junction transistor time relay circuit

Circuit by the delay loop, discriminators, output circuits, power and lights of five parts. Part of the power regulator by resistance R, and the regulator vs constituted power

as part of the delay, the output circuit of the thyristor VTH and relay KA by a half-wave rectifier circuit powered directly. The circuit works as follows: When the power is turned on, the diode VD1 rectifier, filter capacitor cl and after RJ and VS regulator, by RP1, R4 G capacitor is charged. Capacitor voltage G gradually increased exponentially, when this power when pressure is greater than the single-junction transistor VT peak voltage, single- junction transistor is turned on, G pole and wind through the VT eb1 discharge in wind output pulse voltage trigger Phan brake pipe VTH conduction pull the relay KA, KAs contacts while the short circuit C3, so that the rapid discharge, single -junction transistor voltage between ebl rapid decline, when descending to Vr. Valley point voltage, Vr is closed. At the same time LED indicator lights. When the power is turned off, the relay KA release circuit to restore the original state, waiting for the next action. By adjusting the RP. You can adjust the delay time.

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