Multifunction adjustable universal time relay (NE555, CD4013) circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The multifunction circuit mainly refers to it can be "delayed pull", "time release", "delayed cycle" conversion three operating modes.

Multifunction adjustable universal time relay (NE555, CD4013) circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The so-called delay means that the relay is energized after a preset power, the relay does not pull. Only when the preset alarm time, the relay was energized. Delay and delay the release pull the contrary, after turning on the preset relay when the timer reaches the preset time, the relay releases. Delay the closing and delayed release of the two states operate as a one-time, when the relay to complete a work process, the control portion of the circuit into a stable state. Delay cycle work as long as the state is turned on, the circuit will be a good start and the preset stop time interval automatic cycle, never stop until the power switch off or switch the operating state. Its circuit as shown in FIG.

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