No inductive analog relay circuit

As shown in FIG relay is non-inductive analog circuit theory. working principle: 220V power supply via a load RL, R1, D1 ~ D4, ZD1, as Q4, Q3 in turn provide positive and negat

ive half cycle offset; through R3, D5 ~ D8 provides power for the optocouplers Q1 simultaneously. When the current level TTL circuit outputs a high level signal, optocouplers in the city turned positive half-cycle, thus producing a pressure drop R5 ends, triggering SCR conduction, electrical work load RL. As a function of the entire circuit relay, but will not produce the reverse induced voltage, thus avoiding the load is high back pressure breakdown the possibility of damage. C1, R6 pulse absorbing element, R3 from limiting the role. To avoid RL when inductive load, 90 phase thyristor power supply voltage generated by optocouplers, power optocouplers this circuit is taken from the SCR anode instead of directly from the mains.

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