Phase solid state relay fault protection circuit b

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

38. The solid state phase failure relays for three-phase AC phase failure monitoring, protection and control of new devices, referred SSPORR. It is only a five endpoints semico

Phase solid state relay fault protection circuit b
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nductor module, wherein: 1,2,3 the end of the three-phase monitoring input terminal. Any phase sequence, absorb very little current, not exceeding a total of three-terminal ImA; 4,5-side switching end. Features of the module are: wide operating range, no fire flower and jitter, surge current capacity. When the power supply is normal, 4,5 end the conduction; when phase, 4,5 end deadline, Paul protection and control switch is turned off. Phase protection circuit from a solid phase failure relays in Figure 4-38. When one phase power supply, the output of SSPORR cut-off, no voltage output, contactor KM release, the motor stops.

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