Relay control auto transformer one AC power supply circuit

When the input voltage is 170-260V AC range, the output AC voltage 187-231V range. Transformer ratio is k = 24/220 = 0.11.

When the input voltage drops below 170V, the relay KAi pull (RPi adjustment potentiometer setting), the output voltage is 170 (l + k) -170 (1 + 0 11.) = 187 (V); when the input Tun when the pressure is greater than 260V, KA2 pull (adjusted RP2 setting), the output voltage is 260 (lk) - 260 (1-0 11.) a 231 (V); when the input voltage at 170 ~ 260V between when, KAi, KA2 were released, the output voltage equal to the input voltage.

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